Eyelash Extensions

Advanced Certified Xtreme Eyelash Stylist 

Xtreme Lashes ‘Full Set’ Style/Look of Your Choice

Glamour, Butterfly, Daily-Glam, Flirty, Angel Soft Fluffy Style, Dramatic, Bold & Diva, Pick-me-up Look, Runway, Cat-Eye, Simple-but-Catchy, Bridal


XTREME Faux Minks Eyelash Extensions ‘Super Full Set

$250 (120 minutes)

 ‘Full Minks Set’  Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

$200 (90 minutes)

Re-lash, Touch ups or Fills $55 – $120 

30 – 55 lashes of faux minks or synthetics materials are applied.

We offer:

1 week – $55 – $75

2 weeks – $75 – $95

3 weeks $85 – $120

4 weeks – $95 & Up 

(Note: In some cases you may need a fresh ‘Full set’ after 4 weeks – as your Eyetensions might have been weak and don’t have the original strong bonding/curing from it’s original initial set).

Important reminder!!

Before & After

Eyelash Extensions appointment




Please come in with clean lashes. This means free from any makeup products/particles like mascara, eyeliner, thick leftover glue from strip or cluster lashes etc. This will help your Certified lash stylist to spend more time on your Individual Eyelash Extensions application and get more fuller look during your appointment.


 It’s best to come in early for filling out first time guests form and still allowing time to discuss style and wants for your Eyelash extensions.



We use a quality, safe, medically grade rapid cure technology adhesive to ensure short amount of time on waiting to drying, bonding and curing time.  This means you can go out  swimming, makeup application for more enhancement or whatever you need to do with your Eyelash extensions and wear your ‘Gorgeous Xtreme Eyelash Extensions by Rachell’ according to your specific lifestyle.

If there is a  need to adjust your Eyelashes please let us know within the first 24 hrs. of the initial application. We are happy to take you in free of charge.


We look forward to serving you with our Gorgeous, Lucsious, Long Lovely Lashes on your next Appointment with Rachell.


Rachell – Your Eyelash Expert

Thank You!!! :)